NEWS Arabian is Bouncing Back
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Before we go on to detail the changes to our business as we bounce back from COVID19, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all members for their support and understanding during what has been the most challenging period our business has faced. Your kinds words, photos and above all patience was truly appreciated and we are now confident that we can bounce back to provide the safe and fun gymnastics classes you have come to expect from Arabian.

In order to move on from the pandemic, we have to make significant changes to the business and in particular to our timetable. Our new timetable has a place for every  member in a NEW CLASS at a NEW TIME. These places have been pre-allocated and offered out via text in ROUND 1. Unfortunately we have very little wiggle room to switch classes and will only be able to provide switches in ROUND 2 IF members do not accept their ROUND 1 offers. We realise this may be inconvenient and may lead to scheduling conflicts, but the changes have been necessary to keep the gym safe.

A term calendar is available here. You will notice there is no charge for the first two weeks of term, this is to compensate for the two weeks of classes that were cancelled in March. You will also notice that the €40 Annual Membership Fee which is due each September has been added to the term fee.

Registering for the New Term


On 29th June all members will receive a text with a new class allocation


To accept the place just make the payment via any of the payment methods below before Friday 3rd July.

If you already paid for Term 3 (April – June) there is no need to do anything, unless of course the allocated time does not suit.



If you cannot make the allocated class please email us to request an alternative. You will receive an alternative class allocation in ROUND 2 on (Monday 6th July) IF we have an alternative available. Unfortunately the only classes we will have to offer are those that are not accepted in round 1.



If you do not wish to resume classes as of July 20th, there is no need to do anything.
We will not receive your payment by 3rd July and therefore will offer out that place in Round 2.

Of course we would love to see you again in the future but cannot guarantee that a spot will be available.


Once we receive your payment your booking will be confirmed. You will receive a confirmation text on 15th July with a reminder of the class you are booked into.



We have taken the decision to open on July 20th after completing the Gymnastics Ireland (GI) and Return to Sport (RTS) education, risk assessment and compliance process;

  • Appointed a Club Covid Lead – Eilis OHara Deputy Club Covid Lead – Anna Korodi and Nicola Mc Kane
  • Attended the GI RTS Education & Compliance Webinar
  • Completed a detailed club risk assessment and mitigation plan
  • Adjusted the club setting to cater for social distancing
  • Designated an isolation area and process for dealing with any suspected cases
  • Conducted induction training for all club staff

Gymnast only zone

Parents will play a vital role in helping us helping us reduce the risk of infection. Parents (with the exception of Pre-school and Gymtot parents) will no longer be permitted to enter the building. Instead we will offer a drop-off/ pick-up only service. This is to reduce the number of people in the building thus reduce the risk of infection. We love giving gymnasts the opportunity to show off their skills to parents and as soon as it is safe to do so, parents will be welcomed back into the Parents’ room. It is imperative that gymnasts arrive on time and are collected on time.

Payments via online transfer, over phone or call in before term starts

To accept the place you have been offered via text please transfer the full amount online. Deadline for payment for round 1 offers is 3rd July. We also accept cards over the phone or you can call by to make payment in person before term starts – the office will be open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm from June 29th.

New Timetable
Our new timetable has been created to allow for staggered drop-offs, sense reducing the risk of congestion of people. We will no longer have a class of 50 starting every hour, instead we will have 2 groups of 10 gymnasts starting every 20 minutes.
Click here for the new timetable

New Class Plans

Gymnasts will each be given an individual station to work on 2 metres from one another. Coaches will not touch gymnasts so will use other methods to correct them – pictures, demonstrations, videos, verbal instruction etc. Gymnasts will warm-up within their group of 10 and on floor markings that will ensure social distancing. This will change in line with government guidelines ie if social distancing requirements are relaxed in general, we will go back to a more hands on approach.

Our Gymtots class sizes have been reduced to allow for social distancing. Parents will be asked to observe our markers and ensure both themselves and their toddlers remain 2 metres from other participants. Parents will not be required to wear masks because we have space for social distancing, but of course are more than welcome to wear them. We can only accommodate one parent per toddler. We can only accommodate siblings who will stay in a baby carrier or carseat for the duration of the class.

Apparatus Rotations

We have divided our gym into six apparatus zones. Each group of 10 gymnasts will work on three apparatus zones per session (and the alternative three apparatus the following week).

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol

Our new cleaning regime will ensure high touch zones are cleaned on the hour. The gym will undergo a deep clean each night. Carpets and porous mats will be washed/fogged once a week. It is important to note that not all apparatus can be sanitised (eg bars) and this is why we will concentrate on good hand hygiene.

Hand Hygiene

Gymnasts will be required to sanitise hands and feet before, during and after the class.

Coughing Etiquette

We will be constantly reinforcing the good coughing etiquette that you have already programmed your children to do.

Online Classes
We would like to make all members aware of a change to our policy. In the event of a government instructed closure (eg lockdown/ snow day etc) all classes will move to an online platform that we have in development.This will mean there will be no refunds issued or catch up classes.

Video for Gymnasts

We realise that all these changes are hard for our gymnasts to grasp. We have created a little video that we hope will help. Please watch this with them prior to attending your first session.