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Gymtots is our fabulous parent and toddler programme designed to help babies and toddlers develop sensory skills and use of muscles required for physical play, therefore preparing the framework for sport in later life.

Class times

Tuesday 10-10:40 + 11-11:40
Thursday 10-10:40 + 11-11:40
Friday 10-10:40 + 11-11:40

Photos by DE Photo - Get in touch to organise your GymShoot -

Pre-school Gymnastics

A fantastic introduction to gymnastics aimed at developing motor skills through balance, co-ordination and flexibility. Each week we explore a different theme so that classes remain fun and educational.

Class times

Monday 12:45-1:25 + 13:30-14:10
Tuesday 12-12:40 + 12:45-13:25 + 13:30-14:10
Wednesday 12:45-13:25 + 13:30-14:10
Thursday 12-12:40 + 12:45-13:25 + 13:30-14:10
Friday 12-12:40 + 12:45-13:25 + 13:30-14:10
Saturday 9-9:40
Sunday 9-9:40 + 10-10:40

Photos by DE Photo - Get in touch to organise your GymShoot -

Recreational Gymnastics Classes (age 4+)

Introduction to fundamental skills on bars, beam, vault and floor. At Arabian we ensure that all gymnasts remain challenged by providing a specific motivational event each term; Term 1 culminates in a Christmas Show, Term 2 culminates in annual grading, Term 3 culminates in a class competition.

Age Appropriate Class Times

Junior & Senior Infants

Monday to Friday 14:20-15:20 + 14:40-15:40 + 15:00-16:00
Saturday 14:20-15:20
Sunday 12:30-13:30

1st & 2nd Class

Monday to Wednesday 15:30-16:30 + 15:50-16:50 + 16:10-17:10
Sunday 13:40-14:40

3rd to 6th Class

Monday to Thursday 16:40-17:40 + 17:00-18:00
Sunday 14:50-15:50 + 15:30-16:30

Secondary school

Monday & Thursday 20:00-21:00
Wednesday & Friday 20:00-21:00

Mixed Age Group Classes
– while our preference would always be age appropriate classes, we realise that this may not be possible for those with siblings of varied ages, therefore we have created the following “mixed age group” classes.
Tuesday 18:20-19:20 + 19:30-20:30
Thursday 15:30-16:30 + 15:50-16:50 + 16:10-17:10
Friday 15:30-16:30 + 15:50-16:50 + 16:10-17:10 + 16:40-17:40 + 17:00-18:00
Saturday 14:40-15:40 + 15:00-16:00 + 15:30-16:30 + 15:50-16:50 + 16:10-17:10 + 16:40-17:40 + 17:00-18:00

Photos by DE Photo - Get in touch to organise your GymShoot -

Rec Plus

Rec Plus is a programme we have recently developed in response to the demand for more intensive classes at a non-competitive level. The rec plus classes follow our traditional recreational programme but at a more intensive level

Class times
Wednesday & Friday 15:20-17:20 – Senior Infants – 4th Class
Wednesday & Friday 17:50-19:50 – 2nd Class – Secondary
Thursday 18:50-20:50 – 4th Class+
Friday 18:10-20:10 – 3rd Class – Secondary
Sunday 11:10-13:10 – Senior Infants – 3rd Class, 11:50-13:50 – 3rd-6th Class, 13:20-15:20 – 3rd-6th Class, 14:00-16:00 – Secondary School


Advanced Recreational Classes

This class is open to any enthusiastic recreational gymnasts. It’s a two hour class on a Saturday morning that can be done in addition to a midweek recreational class. It’s an intensive class so expect to work hard and learn new skills quickly. Annual interclub competitions will be a great opportunity for gymnasts to show their progress!

Class Times

For 1st to 6th Class
Monday 17:50-19:50

For Secondary School
Monday 18:30-20:30

For Mixed-age
Saturday 12:50-14:50

Arabian Gymnastics : Advanced Recreational Gymnastics Classes


Stars Display Team

A group of gymnasts who perform at festival events throughout Ireland and the UK. Their routines are fun and entertaining!

Class Time

Friday 18:30-20:30

Arabian Gymnastics Classes : Junior Display

Diamond Display Team

This team of gymnasts perform display gymnastics at some of the world’s most prestigious gymnastics festivals. They mix choreography, acrobatics and tumbling to create routines that are enjoyable for both the performer and the spectator.

Class time

Wednesday 20:00-21:00

Arabian Gymnastics Classes : Display Team

Jewel Display Team

This is a unique display team made up of passionate gymnasts. They work towards displays where they showcase a distinctive combination of fabulous dance with acrobatics and gymnastics skills.

Class time

Thursday 19:00-21:00


cheer-display-team arabian gymnastic classes dublin

Gem Display Team

This team is made up of gymnasts who show huge enthusiasm and dedication. The group work together towards displays and festivals throughout UK and Ireland.

Class time

Tuesday 19:00-21:00

Arabian Gymnastics Classes : Teen

Squad Programme

Gymnasts who show potential will be invited to join the squad. Squad classes are longer and more intense with a smaller coach to gymnast ratio. Squads will train 6 – 19 hours a week. This more intense level of gymnastics encourages the development of self-discipline, commitment, and determination. Our squads compete at various national competitions – just checkout our facebook page to keep up to date with their achievements and titles!

Arabian Gymnastics Classes : Girls Squad

Start Squad Programme

The Start Squad programme is a great balance between competitive and recreational gymnastics. This programme focuses on technique and upskilling in addition to competing in both in-house and GymSTART competitions. The programme also ensures the gymnasts continue to progress through our Arabian curriculum. Each Start Squads trains together for three 2 hour sessions a week concentrating on a particular aspect of the programme in each session.

At present there are five Start Squads within this programme, they include:
     The Amber Squad
     The Coral Squad
     The Opal Squad
     The Pearl Squad
     The Topaz Squad

Start Squad Programme